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All the name playlists uploaded in one big zip folder, for whoever wants them

and afogofideas - I haven’t forgotten about you - I just need to have a bath and cook a roast dinner first :)

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shiningwizard: NATHANIEL

Okay, shiningwizard

Nuit Avec Ane Amie - Standard Fare

Activated - Milky Wimpshake

Temporary Tattoo - One Happy Island

Happy Being Lonely - The Shermans

All But The Beeps Meep - Little My

No Eyed Deers - Mexican Kids At Home

If You Need Someone - The Field Mice

Emily - The Darlings

Looking Into It - All Girl Summer Fun Band

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kwalison: Alison! :D

Hey there kwalison!

All We Do Is Rush Around - Pocketbooks

Living Room Picnic - Moustache Of Insanity

If Loneliness Was Art - Allo Darlin’

Sellotape My Hands - Little My

Our Dreams - Transmittens

Neighbour On The News - Roadside Poppies

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vangoghsbedroom: Sarah :-)

Hello! vangoghsbedroom :)

Sweden Song  - The Besties

Autumn Afternoon - Acid House Kings

Rollercoaster - Kimya Dawson

About You - The Shermans

How Come You’re Such A Hit With The Boys, Jane? - Dolly Mixture

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weshitparacetamol: Nadia. xxx

What a coincidence! Looks like we’ll have to share this bum playlist, fellow Nadia. weshitparacetamol

Nobody Loves Us - Morrissey

Act Of The Apostle - Belle & Sebastian

Don’t Go - Go Sailor

Itchy Chin - Heavenly

All Of A Tremble - St Christopher

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robin-smith: You know my name, better then anyone.

Damn straight! robin-smith

Rip it up - orange Juice

Over There - The Housemartins

Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones


I don’t know how to end your name because I forget what you like to be called on Tumblr. Damn.

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slenderwrists: My name is Harley.

Hello, Harley. :) slenderwrists

Hugging My Grudge - The Boy Least Likely To

Alphabet Soup - Catnaps

Round The Corner - Dolly Mixture

Letting Go - Fat Tulips

Every Day Of Every Week - The Siddeleys

You Should All Be Murdered - Another Sunny Day

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huggingrobot: andy :D

Hi  huggingrobot !

Adorable - Acid House Kings

New Slang - Little My

Do Animals Get Lonely Late At Night? - Tinyfolk

You Looked Like A Portrait -Camera Casanovas!

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aethergirl: Angie :-)

Hello! :) @aethergirl

Ahprahran - The Sugargliders

Nice Day For A Sulk - Belle & Sebastian

Gidea Park - Harvey Williams

I Fell In Love Last Night - Heavenly

End Of The Affair - The Field Mice

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Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

This looks fun. My ask isn’t visible to click on but you’re all clever enough to add ‘ask’ on the end of my URL, aren’t you?

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