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afogofideas: Hm, I'm liking this mini-mixtape name thing... you've already had an Andy, so how about AFOGOFIDEAS, my nom de plop?

Alberto Simmons - fishboy

For once - red sleeping beauty

On tape - pooh sticks

Go! - soda fountain rag

Our love is heavenly - heavenly

From hell To helsinki - the melons

I don’t want to be friends with you - shop assistants

David cassidy - betty and the werewolves

El sueño de mi vida - cola jet set

Are we lovers or are we friends? - acid house kings

Soft and sweet - dear marje

sorry - afogofideas - looks like I did forget you, I’m sorry!I quickly did this now :)

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All the name playlists uploaded in one big zip folder, for whoever wants them

and afogofideas - I haven’t forgotten about you - I just need to have a bath and cook a roast dinner first :)

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